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How Do I Build A Form?

Forms are a great way to collect additional information from your donors before they complete their donation or registration payment. For example, you could collect the names and ages of students enrolling in Religious Education.

To begin building your form, click on the Manage Giving Opportunities icon located on the Giving Management toolbar. Next, click Manage Collection/Event next to the Giving Opportunity you're building a form for. Lastly, click on the Form icon and begin entering your questions.

Click here to watch a tutorial video on building a form or read how to enter questions below:

Entering Form Questions

As stated above, you will begin building your form by clicking on the Forms icon and entering questions. Here's how to enter those questions.

Step One: Click the Create New Form item button.

Step Two: Choose a form item type. Here are the different form item types you can choose from:

And here's an explanation of each:
  • Text Entry Box: If the question you're asking requires a text answer (e.g., What is your name?), then select this form item.
  • Numeric Entry Box: If the question you're asking requires a numeric answer (e.g., How old are you?), select this form item. Do not use this form item for phone numbers or e-mail addresses as it will not recognize any characters other than numbers.
  • Drop-down List: If the question will be multiple choice (e.g., What T-shirt size are you? Small Medium or Large?), select this form item.
  • Check Box: If the question requires a simple check box response, select this form item.
  • Section Header/Paragraph: If you need to label a section of the form you're creating or provide instructions to donors, use one of these form items.

Step Three: Once you've added all of your questions, click the OK button to save your changes. The form will now be visible to your donors.

Click here for additional information about downloading Form responses.

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