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How To Edit A Collection

Manage collection or eventCollections are opportunities for your members to donate or make payments to your church or organization.

To edit a Collection, first click the Manage Giving Opportunties icon from the Control Panel. Next, click the Manage Collection button next to the collection you wish to edit and you will the following icons:

collection details Collection Details
Here you can edit the Collection’s name and export name, the Bank Account it is assigned to, the picture, descriptions, the URL, recurring donations options, and what funds should be called. Simply click on the section you would like to edit and make your changes. 
contact information Contact Information
Change the contact name, email address, and/or phone number, as well as the reply email address and contact name by selecting the appropriate field and making your edits. 
collection form Collection Form
Here you can add a form to a collection. For instructions on creating a Form, please click here
donation and payments options Donation/Payment Options
Here you can choose to allow members to leave a comment with their donation or payment, and enter text that prompts donors to do so during their transaction. You may also alter the predefined giving amount button amounts or remove them completely. 
recurrence options Recurrence Options
If you do not want to allow Recurring Donations for a Collection, uncheck the box listed here and click OK.
status and privacy Status & Privacy
Here you can select whether a Collection is visible to donors. Selecting “No” removes the Collection from donor view and no new donations can be made to that Collection. Previously set up recurring payments will continue.

You can also assign Collection Managers and give them administrative control over the Collection. For more information, click here.

You can also enable Transaction Notification emails for this Collection. Select your preferred option from the drop down menu and click OK.
edit and preview giving receipt email Edit/Preview Giving Receipt Email
Here you can view or edit the text of the Donation Receipt Email that is e-mailed to anyone who makes a donation to this Collection. 
link to a collection Link to This Collection
Copying this code to your website allows you to insert a widget that, when clicked, will link to this specific Collection. For instructions, click here.
collection widget embed Collection Widget Embed Code
Copying this code allows you to embed a specific Collection on your website.This allows your users to stay on your site while they complete their transaction. For instructions, click here.
receipt lookup Receipt Lookup
Here you can look up any transaction made to this Collection. Select a Begin and End Date and click the Refresh List button. This will give you a quick glance of anyone who successfully completed a transaction.

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